Whack a Catgirl

Designed by Chris Cieslik. Ages 14+, 2-5 Players, 10-20 Minutes

If you thought Playtest was the most aptly named game ever, get ready! Whack a Catgirl gives every catgirl exactly what she needs -- a plushie to the face! Or a giant mallet! Or a fish! Or other catgirls!

Neko-chan did not thoroughly read her contract when we hired her, so you get to shamelessly throw stuff at her during the game!

Whack a Catgirl is a game with a simple concept. Neko-chan, the catgirl, is cute! Therefore she must be pelted with various objects. It's a fast paced, easy to learn card game featuring very cute art, and some minor comedic cartoon violence. Every one of the 62 cards has its own unique flavor text, and the humor is all PG-13.


Crazy Characters

As if it wasn't already the best WaC: Crazy Characters is a set of six characters that you can play as. Each character card, featuring all-new art, doubles as a player aid for newcomers to the game. Features the Yaoi Fanatic, Alpha Fangirl, and more!

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