• Equinox$20

Equinox is a two player abstract strategy game with thirty six unique hexagonal tiles. They are named things like Tower, Day, Night, Sword -- each has a black side and white side that are otherwise identical.

One player will play as black and the other as white. They take turns playing tiles from a common pool until all have been played. Each tile has a unique action that affects the tiles around it, the score, or some other gameplay element. At the end of the game, each player will score points for the tiles showing their side plus any bonus point tokens they have earned. Win by having the highest score! .


Equinox is currently in short-release format. It's a really neat idea, and so we printed up 100 copies print-on-demand! It's a complete game, and we think you'll love it -- support of short run games like Equinox lets us make larger runs of them in the future :)