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Designed by Carl Chudyk. 2-4 Players, 30-75 Minutes

Invent your way to an empire! Innovation is a card-driven journey through humanity's ideas and advancements from prehistory all the way to The Internet.

You must strategically combine the abilities of your technologies to succeed!

105 unique cards, each depicting an idea, will allow you to advance your society and sometimes attack your opponents'. While the basic rules of the game are simple, managing the different cards becomes an intriguing puzzle.

Can you claim enough achievements before technology moves past you?


Echoes of the Past

The first Innovation expansion adds 110 new cards to the game, including 5 new special achievements. Echoes cards are focused more on specific items invented throughout history. Several new mechanics are added, including effects and bonus points that replace an icon slot on cards, and the Foreshadow keyword.

Figures in the Sand

The second Innovation expansion adds historical figures from throughout the ages, people who were innovative! Figure cards provide constant positive effects for your civilization, instead of having a dogma effect that can be used. In addition, powerful Decree cards are there to make that critical strike against your opponents to propel you to victory!

Decks Only

We are now offering just the Innovation decks -- no box, rules, reference cards. This is great if you want a bargain copy of the game and can print your own other components, or want to replace your well-played decks!