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  • Sanitarium Original Edition$20
  • Expansion The Foyer$1

Designed by Aaron Belmer. 1-4 Players. 30-45 Minutes.

You awaken in a cold, creepy, dark building. Unnerving sounds and sights are all around you, and a draft whistles through the clattering windows. Others are here. Will you help them escape?

You have no idea how you got here, you just want to get out...

Sanitarium is a horror escape game, featuring cooperative, competitive, and solitaire rule sets. Find your Safe Things and escape... before it's too late...

Cards from the deck form the winding halls of the Sanitarium. You must explore the ever-expanding map to find your Safe Things, while dodging Shadows. Get caught, and you're likely to run to safety...but not before you gain a new Hallucination that hinders your actions.

Upgrade the rules! Sanitarium now has a revised set of rules that are much easier to understand and implement into the game. The exansion rules are called "The Foyer" and includes a new set of rules, new scenario cards, and player reference cards.