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  • Sixis Original Version$7

Designed by Chris Cieslik. 2-4 Players, 10-20 Minutes

SIXIS is our not-new-at-all dice game in unofficial release(hand-packaged).

Sixis has dice which of course makes every game more fun!

Sixis is kind of a theme for Sixis, hence the name. Everyone gets six dice, pursues six cards, and well, these dice are six-sided. Players roll all their dice, trying to match the goals on the cards in front of them (For instance, two sixes, or a 1-2-3 run). If you match a card, you can take it for cheap points, or flip it over and go for the harder goal on the back. (In our example, four sixes, or a 1-2-3-4-5 run). To help you out, you can save some of your dice toward your next roll, but if you're not careful, your opponents will take the cards first! If you can manage to get six of a kind, that's a SIXIS, and you can end a round of play on the spot.