Department of Fun: 2018!

ICC Room 142 at GenCon 2018 -- Open All Weekend! [Booth: 2229 in Expo Hall]

Gen Con is full of two things: Gamers and games. And we're doing the difficult work of bringing the two together! We have acquired ownership of room 142 (across from the Expo hall) for this task. We're always looking for more Fun volunteers, and we've got hotel (attached!) and badges available for people who work more than 20 hours over the weekend. If you're interested, contact!

Our event room is carpeted, has nearby water, is not anyplace near as loud as the Expo Hall, and is full of our excellent demo staff. It is a fun and calm environment, so you should join us for fun gaming adventures.

You should come demo games for us!

Below is a list of the events we'll be running, with helpful links to the event in the Gen Con system if you want to sign up, and how full each event is. Click on the date/time to go to the event on the GenCon website (will open in a new tab). Event registration begins on May 6th, and some events fill up fast!