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What’s Happening

December 2016
  • One Deck Dungeon: Released Our Roguelike adventure game has arrived, available for purchase on our website and soon from retailers worldwide!
  • Asmadi Games at Gen Con 2016 At Gen Con this summer, we hosted our fourth Department of Fun! Thanks to everyone who came by and played games with us.
  • Join us on Twitch! We've been streaming live playthroughs of One Deck Dungeon and plan to do more in the future! Come join us for games, adventures, and fun chat. More subscribers to our channel means ...well it doesn't actually do anything, but I'll eat a cupcake if you subscribe.
  • Plastic Decks If you want water-resistant decks for your favorite Asmadi Games products, we're taking pre-orders now! No other components included, just 100% plastic cards. We will ship (and charge) when we have enough orders to proceed.
    • Mottainai Plastic Deck: $25
    • Red7 Plastic Deck: $25
    • Innovation Plastic Deck: $50