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Channel A and Innovation Deluxe are pre-orders, and handled by Celery, not PayPal. They will check-out via a separate process, and your card will not be charged until it comes time to print the games.
One Deck Dungeon -- Now Available!
All the excitement of a rogue-like dungeon crawl in 54 cards! Conquer foes + perils to get loot, skills, and level up for the boss...

Accepting preorders (US Only) for the new print run, coming early May.

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Channel A: Pre-orders open for the next print run!
This new printing of Channel A includes the same 330 cards as the original version, on regular cards, instead of the super-thick cards from the previous version. A 54-card expansion, A-Soft, is included with all pre-orders. A-Soft adds premises for video games to the mix, along with some new Title cards. Pre-order price of $32 includes shipping.
We will print once 500 pre-orders have been received.

You can also order two for $55, six for $120, or a case of twelve for $180(Great for stores!)
Innovation: Third Edition (Base Set)
Use the innovations and technologies of history to build a great civilization, in the 2010 Golden Geek Card Game of the Year! Combine your cards' powers to outmaneuver your opponents and succeed.

The brand new Third Edition of Innovation features upgraded graphic design and artwork, plus a number of balance fixes to cards.


Innovation Plastic Cards (DECKS ONLY): A set of all 112 cards from the base set of Innovation, in 100% plastic. Box, Rules, Reference cards not included.

Innovation: Deluxe
Innovation: Third Edition, with all four of its expansions in one amazing gold-embossed box. Shipping is included in the price, and you will not be charged until it is in production. Coming Spring 2017.
Mottainai Deluxe
A successor to the classic Glory to Rome, in Mottainai you are a temple worker, crafting various works out of basic materials. Each card can be used as an assistant, a sale, material, or crafted into a work of art -- giving you a special ability for the rest of the game. Combining your actions and works cleverly is the key to success.

Mottainai Deluxe supports up to 5 players, and comes with enough components to play two side-by-side 2-3 player games.

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Mottainai Mini
A compact 2-3 player version of Mottainai, with all the same gameplay but smaller packaging.

Mottainai Plastic Cards (DECK ONLY): A set of all cards from Mottainai, in 100% plastic. Box, Rules, Reference cards not included. NOTE: These are on sale for about 70% off the usual price of $25. The fully-black ink on the backs of the cards is unfortunately very prone to scratches and white chips that may "mark" the cards. The fronts are not affected by this issue.
Adorable Pandaring
There are pandas, and pandas are adorable. Your goal is obvious: collect the most adorable pandas! Adorable Pandaring is a quick and engaging game of panda collecting, stealing, and scheming.

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Are you a Meow or Not Meow? Find out the true meowlegiances of your friends in this simple, fast, and fun bluffing game. Meow!

$40(20% off!)
Penny Press
Steer your newspaper to success, in the late 19th/early 20th century era. Send your reporters to cover the most important stories and newsbeats, but don't overload your front page! When it comes time to go to press, you'll have to fit together all the story tokens and work around advertisements.

Penny Press won the 2013 Tabletop Deathmatch!

$8(50% off!)
Steal it all! Heat pits you against your fellow 'entrepreneurs' in a contest to heist the most money you can heist. Before each heist, you must draft a set of cards that will let you grab cash -- but also hopefully avoid Heat from the authorities.

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The rules of Red are simple - have the Highest Card in play. But Red is only one of the 7 color-themed games you'll be playing. Every discarded card changes the current rule -- the color of the top of the discard pile is law!

Red7 is a quick but surprisingly deep card game, and it was nominated for the Card Game of the Year Award in the 2014 Golden Geeks.


Red7 Plastic Cards (DECK ONLY): A set of all cards from Red7, in 100% plastic. Box, Rules not included.
$15(50% off!)
A 4X game compressed into just cards and ships. In each game you build a unique sector map using cards, which can be used as minerals, reinforcements, technologies, or the actions they depict. Control the sector, and fend off your opponents to claim the sector core!

$10(50% off!)
Equinox is an abstract tile-placement game with 48 different two-sided hexagonal tiles named things such as Night, Day, Sword, Tower; these tiles have a white side and black side that are otherwise identical.

Each has a special power that could protect, move, flip, or add bonus points to other tiles. At the end of the game, each player scores points for the tiles showing their side, plus any bonus point tokens they have earned. Win by having the highest score!

We Didn't Playtest This at All
Your goal is simple: win! Also, don't lose. If you lose, you're out of the game -- but don't worry, a new game is just seconds away. Playtest is an incredibly simple, silly, and fun card game, designed to last about two minutes.

Includes some blank cards for your own ideas and the Chaos Pack mini-expansion.


We Didn't Playtest This Either
More cards for your Playtest Deck! More mayhem, nonsense, and oranges.

Includes the Dice are Fun and Blue Cards mini-expansions.

We Didn't Playtest This: Legacies
Playtest with Permanance! Write on your cards, changing them forever. Claim ownership of cards, so they can't make you lose anymore. And once you meet certain achievable goals, you can open new packs of cards included with the game. These cards may or may not contain cats.

We Didn't Playtest This Pasted On Theme At All
Is black and white not enough? Fine! Have elves, pirates, cupcakes, time travel...woosh! The 'woosh' is the sound of fun, approaching you at LIGHTSPEED!

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    (Including Foyer Expansion and v2.0 Rules!)
  • Win, Lose or Banana!*
    Win, Lose or Banana!* 10 Pack $6

    * The price of a single copy of Win, Lose, or Banana is a fixed point in time. Changing it could cause a paradox leading to the end of the universe.

  • Bedlamb $2
    The best $2 Sheep game you will ever play! Guaranteed!
  • Gold Thief $2
  • Whack a Catgirl
    Catgirl: Crazy Characters
  • Plastic Decks If you want water-resistant decks for your favorite Asmadi Games products, we're taking pre-orders now! No other components included, just 100% plastic cards. We will ship (and charge) when we have enough orders to proceed.
    • Mottainai Plastic Deck: $25
    • Red7 Plastic Deck: $25
    • Innovation Plastic Deck: $50