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Pre-orders are available through BackerKit for our upcoming game, 1001 Odysseys:

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1001 Odysseys: Brumigum
Leftmost pin above - Brumigum, home of the Plumplim.
1001 Odysseys: Terragast
Center-left pin above - Terragast, Mountain World.
1001 Odysseys: The Odyssey
Center pin above - The ship itself!
1001 Odysseys: Avallonis
Center-right pin above - Capital of the Federation.
1001 Odysseys: Flimwait
Rightmost pin above - Beautiful water world.
1001 Odysseys Bundle - All Five Pins
pin above -
Pin Bazaar 2020 Pin: Good Pupper!
A very good pup, in pin form.
Pin Bazaar Archives: Glooping Ooze
Everyone's favorite purple slime f(r)iend!
Pin Bazaar Archives: Federation Insignia
The Federation Insignia from our upcoming game, 1001 Odysseys. Shiny, golden, inspiring!
Pinny Arcade Archives: Molia Thagden, Plumplim Mechanic
A fine Plumplim from the upcoming 1001 Odysseys. She has a carrot wrench!
A successor to the classic Glory to Rome, in Mottainai you are a temple worker, crafting various works out of basic materials. Each card can be used as an assistant, a sale, material, or crafted into a work of art -- giving you a special ability for the rest of the game. Combining your actions and works cleverly is the key to success.

Mottainai plays 2-3 players, and supports up to 5 players if you combine two sets together.

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Mottainai: Wutai Mountain
Wutai Mountain is the first expansion for Mottainai, and adds new Om Work cards.

Wutai Mountain can be included with any Mottainai game of 2-5 players (only one set of Wutai is needed.)
$8(50% off!)
Steal it all! Heat pits you against your fellow 'entrepreneurs' in a contest to heist the most money you can heist. Before each heist, you must draft a set of cards that will let you grab cash -- but also hopefully avoid Heat from the authorities.

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