Some of our games have crossed into the magical digital realm of phones and tablets. Now you can play them anywhere!
Our partners at Silver Bullet Games have brought Red7 to your phone or tablet! You can enjoy all the game modes (basic, advanced, with actions), and even online multiplayer. Includes a full tutorial for new players.
Also available for Android from Google Play
Jinro: The Next Wind Master
Jinro: The Next Wind Master is the most important game ever made about a triangle. Join Jinro on his quest to train, cherish memories, and score copious amounts of points. The action in the game is quick. Jinro will move along on his own, but you can harness the power of the wind to change his path and avoid trouble. Jinro can be multiple places at once! You'll have to keep all Jinro's copies moving the right way in order to succeed. Can you be the next Windmaster?

Jinro is not a tabletop game -- it's a completely original digital game, featuring the best triangle art possible.
Fealty: Available on iPhone/iPad
This app is a full implementation of our strategy title, Fealty. It includes offline solo (vs. AI) or pass and play multiplayer, a tutorial, and online async multiplayer through GameCenter. Fealty is a tactical territory control game in which each player controls an identical set of units. You must place them strategically to claim the most territory -- each claims a certain area and type of terrain.
Sixis: Available on iPhone/iPad
SIXIS is a fast and simple little game about rolling smart and pressing your luck.

It may seem at first like Yahtzee, as players roll six dice in an attempt to match patterns. Sixis is unique, however, in that the patterns to match change each round, determined by randomized cards. When you match a card, you can take the card to score it, or raise the stakes by flipping it to reveal a more difficult and valuable goal!
Win, Lose, or Banana
The finest game ever created, where you draw a card and either Win, Lose, or Banana.

The Banana app also contains a Story Mode, detailing amazing adventures (and has a DLC add on for more stories, if you so desire!)