Newsletter -- October 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's been so long since we updated you on the goings-on at Asmadi Games, but fear not, we promise (re: conditionally agree to) update this page monthly from now on! We've got some fun things going on at the studio right now so keep using your eyes to read the following words!

New Games! We've got a few new games coming down the pipeline for release soon. The most notable of these is We Didn't Playtest This Pasted On Theme At All. We're working hard to write the wackiest, silliest cards for your enjoyment and we're being super certain to just shove them into the deck and never playtest anything at all! Pasted On Theme is coming out in December 2013 and is compatible with previous version of Playtest and by itself. Our still secret but so close to no longer secret new installment from Carl Chudyk is nearing release! We'll be posting an actual announcement about that when it's ready. Games need to bake at the perfect temperature for the perfect time before they can be consumed you know.

Kickstarter! We're finally at a point where we can start working on our new Kickstarter campaign for the next big Asmadi game. Which is awesome because we keep wanting to do it and then it keeps getting pushed back, but now it's actually going to happen! (we hope o-o;;) Our Kickstarters are notoriously pretty fantastic so keep an eye out and I'll post updates as soon as we begin the campaign.